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 AVELife Assessment Tools - News Archive 2004-2017

AVELife News Archive 2004-2017

June 28, 2007: Cost-Effective TestGold Academic License Pack Goes on Sale
Educational Institutions Can Save 85% Purchasing TestGold Academic License Pack This Summer!

May 22, 2007: TestGold 3 released
Take Advantage of Improved AVELife Assessment Tool! Flexible 3-level scoring, local and networked use, preferable test session view.

September 28, 2006: TestGold 2.4 brings new analysis feature
Thanks to new Answer Analysis feature, you can make survey analysis or evaluate validity of used questions...

June 14, 2006: TestGold 2.3 is released
To easily getting started with the software...

April 12, 2006: TestGold 2.2 is released
Improvements in Test Format, Testing Engine, Text Editor, Visual Appearance...

December 27, 2005: TestGold 2.1 is released
TestGold Direct improved. It became more comfortable and rapid for download of numerous ready assessments and psychological tests...

December 8, 2005: You can download Free Agent for Testing, powered by TestGold
Free Agent for Testing, powered by TestGold is available for public download. AVELife TestGold Agent is a light-weight freeware product for educational and psychological testing by TestGold technology. Numerous ready psychological tests and assessments are available for use, that raise value of the software both for enterprises or educational institutions and broad masses of private persons.

December 8, 2005: TestGold – The Modern Technology of Educational and Psychological Testing
AVELife, Inc. introduces TestGold - modern solution for educational and psychological testing. Complex test format with support of 12 types of questions and multifactor psychological tests, powerful built-in text editor, providing advanced formatting of questions and answers, flexible 3-Variant Data Storage Engine with opportunity to connect to power database servers, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or any other database by means of ADO technology. Moreover, numerous ready psychological tests and assessments are available for use. Thanks to special freeware light-weight agent for testing, nowadays TestGold technology is one of the most cost-effective professional solutions for educational and psychological testing.

December 5, 2005: RSS Feeds of AVELife News
Now our news are available in RSS - modern format of granting news. That allows you to read our news using special news aggregate program. Also, you can place headlines and annotations of our news on your web site.

October 30, 2005: AVELife TestGold Studio 2.0 (TestGold 2005)
TestGold 2005 – great improvements: free independent light-weight agent for testing, development and use of complex psychological tests with multifactor outcome system, E-Mail testing, 3-Variant Data Storage Engine with the possibility to connect to power database servers, such as Microsoft® SQL Server™, Oracle® or any other database by ADO technology.

June 2, 2005: AVELife TestGold Studio 1.4 is released
AVELife TestGold Studio 1.4 - considerable improvement of functionality, reliability, user friendliness and performance + special free lightweight agent for networked testing, which is capable to work quickly enough even on out-of-date low-powered computers.


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