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 AVELife Assessment and Survey Software - News - TestGold 3 Released

May 22, 2007

TestGold 3 Released

Take Advantage of Improved AVELife Assessment Tool!

Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation - May 22, 2007 - AVELife, Inc., a leading provider of assessment and survey software, today announced that TestGold 3 released.

Take advantage of improved flexible 3-level score system. Configure Data Storage both for Local and Networked Use. Choose preferable test session view. Use TestGold under any Windows® account even without administrator privileges.

"TestGold is the flagship AVELife product. Thanks to close interaction with our users we make TestGold more flexible and useful. And it's really good...", says Alexander V. Epanechnikov, CEO.

AVELife TestGold Studio is the award-winning assessment tool, useful for pre-employment screening, training and certification. TestGold allows to create assessments, surveys, psychological tests, quizzes, and questionnaires, test participants both on networked and local computers, collect results and analyse scores. TestGold provides complex test format (12 question types, weight, tips, feedback, sections, restriction by sex and age, randomization of test questions and question choices, multifactor outcome system in form of total summary, accentuation discovery, most and least expressive factors and optional comprehensive analysis), powerful built-in text editor (advanced formatting, tables, lists, Flash and OLE-objects, live spelling), extended multimedia support, 3-level flexible score system, different types of grades (percent rating, numerical, American and German systems), E-Mail testing, multilevel data security, flexible reporting (report templates, built-in report editor). 4-Variant Data Storage Engine allows to choose preferable place for storing the application data: special local file storage, local default MS Access® database, server MS Access® or even Microsoft® SQL Server™ database. Professional looking and easy-to-use user interface with fully integrated workspace and MDI development environment make your work more efficient. Comprehensive documentation and well-qualified technical support dramatically reduce software learning curve. Free agent for testing makes TestGold very cost-effective solution...

AVELife TestGold Studio is a free-to-try software and you can download fully functional 14-day trial for free at https://avelifesystems.com/download/TestGoldStudioSetup.exe. TestGold 3 Per Seat License costs $399 USD with great volume discounts.

Some improvements of TestGold 3:

Take Advantage of Flexible 3-Level Score System. Now you can choose preferable score system: Simplified (used in the majority of assessment software, a participant gets points for right answer, sometimes according to question weight), Standard (participant gets points according to question weight, you can set points for right and wrong answers, refusal of granting an answer and use of tips), Complex (this score system made TestGold unique assessment tool - you can reach flexible grading by configuring points, earned taking into account question type, number of choices, refusal of granting an answer, partially right answer and etc.).

Choose Preferable Test Session View. Now you can choose preferable test session view. Use accustomed Complex view or a new Compact view, that we recommend to use for tests with rich formatted text of question and choices.

Configure Data Storage both for Local and Networked Use. You can choose the most preferable place for storing the application data: special local file storage, MS Access® or Microsoft® SQL Server™ database. All you need is to specify some connection properties such as server, database and etc. To reach best security, storage settings now encrypted and secure stored in special file, that allows to specify login and password in Microsoft® SQL Server™ connection.

TestGold brings many other improvements to be more flexible and easy-to-use: now you can use TestGold under Windows® account without administrator privileges; improved multimedia engine with built-in easy-to-use image viewer, audio and video players; new dialog for editing user groups; new Passed property of testing results is defined by Pass Level option of testing rules; registration of computer name, computer user and computer IP at testing; full user information fields are available in Scores reports; clear definition of key answer on editing of Ranking and Matching questions; saving/restoring of testing rules at test level and Text-to-Test converter settings; numerous other small GUI and performance improvements to make the software nice and reliable.

About AVELife:
AVELife, Inc. (https://avelifesystems.com/) specializes on development of educational and business software, mainly e-learning software, assessment tools and survey software. The key AVELife product is TestGold™ - award-winning assessment technology as the true solution for training, pre-employment screening and certification.


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PR Contact:
Svetlana Chezhina
PR Manager
AVELife, Inc.
E-Mail: info(at@)avelifesystems.com


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