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AVELife TestGold Studio

AVELife TestGold Studio is the powerful award-winning assessment tool for pre-employment screening, periodical certifications, training of staff and students – from visual test development in multi-document environment to testing locally, in company network, distantly with saving and monitoring results. TestGold has easy-to-use user interface, complex test format (12 question types, weight, hints, feedback, introduction, multi-factor outcome system), built-in text editor for rich formatting (advanced formatting, tables, lists, images, etc.) of and advanced multimedia support (attached and linked in text images, audio, video) for questions, answers, hints, feedback, test and question introduction, built-in template-based report editor and exporting to exchange formats for advanced processing and integration with other software.


Create professional skill assessments and psychological tests

Test authoring with AVELife TestGold Studio

The software is fully integrated in one workspace with MDI environment for test development that makes your work more comfortable and radically increase the productivity - you can create professional tests in less time and even feel the pleasure. Make questions of 12 types. Attach image, audio or video to any TestGold question, choice, tip or feedback. Use power of built-in text editor for rich formatting of questions, choices, tips, feedback, test and question introduction. Make complex psychological questionnaires with multiple scales. Organize test questions in sections according to their complexity or other factor, use all or only specified number of questions from each section. Let a participant use question tips, that decreases earned points. Limit time for a test or some question. Shuffle test questions and question choices.

Test participants locally, in company network and distantly

TestGold Assessments

Choose the most preferable place to store the application data: local file storage, local database storage, networked database storage (MDB) or even powerful MS SQL Server database. You need to test anyone distantly and you are not familiar with web server configuring?! Just specify special test option "e-mail results" and they will be e-mailed to you right after participant completes the assessment. Then you can load received data to the main data storage. You can use the free client AVELife TestGold Agent for testing.

Collect and analyse testing results

Analyse test results with AVELife TestGold Studio

Assessment details and results can be saved right after participant completed an assessment and accumulated for further analysis. Filter test sessions and review sampling in grid form with display of session details and pie chart in special analysis panes. Build total summary - composite picture of psychological strains and professional skills of a participant. Prepare and print professional template-based reports. Export results in different formats for integration and extended processing in special applications.

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