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Free Assessment Software

AVELife TestGold Agent is a free light-weight assessment software.

Now you need not pay for testing. You can use this free assessment software for knowledge and psychological testing by TestGold technology. You can test whoever, anytime and anywhere, though it were your employee or distance student or job pretender.

AVELife TestGold Agent can be used both on network and local computers, including distance testing of your staff and students.

AVELife TestGold Agent is a free assessment software

We strived to make the solution...

  • Quick inslalled with minimal further configuration
  • Worked quickly enough even on out-of-date computers
  • Networked and local usable
  • With easy-to-use, but nice GUI

You can use the free assessment solution together with our professional assessment tool AVELife TestGold Studio to get most benefits.

For more information visit ordering page. Also, feel free to contact AVELife Sales Department.

Thanks to the free assessment software, nowadays, TestGold is one of the most cost-effective assessment solutions.

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